David Hansmann – Investigador

David Hansmann

E-MAIL: david.hansmann@conicet.gov.ar

TEL: +54 9 223 481-1816


Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, UNMdP

Research associate at IFIMAR (CONICET)


I am adjunct professor at the Department of Physics of the State University of Mar del Plata and research associate at IFIMAR. My research focuses on the statistical physics of complex physical and biological systems.

My colleagues and I model and describe complex dynamic systems that develop in ordered and disordered environments to explain transitions between different behaviors or establish classes of universality. The models we use address different topics like the growth of interfaces, the movement of self-propelled (biological) agents and population dynamics, among other systems.

Current research topics:

– Modeling the movement of bacteria capable of moving through the Run and Tumble mechanism in different environments.
– The statistical properties of the Swimming to Swarming transition in a modeled bacterial colony.
– The laws and scale relationships for the statistical properties that characterize the movement of the colony of bacteria.
– The dynamic properties of the edge or wet/dry interface of a bacterial colony for bacterial systems that make up biofilms.
– The modeling of Quorum Sensing mechanisms considering surfactants and self-inducing molecules.
– Interface growth models using their related Langevin equations to determine universality classes.
– Competitive growth models using the coarse grain approach via test function transformations.


Publications in journals / Pesentations at scientific meetings  since 2011

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