Research Area(s): mathematical and theoretical aspects of random

(geometric) graphs and networks and all aspects of network science

Organization: DK-Lab is a part of the Network Science Institute and the

Physics Department at Northeastern University.

URL: http://www.northeastern.edu/dima/



The DK-Lab, led by_ PROF. DMITRI KRIOUKOV_, has openings for two

postdoctoral research associates. The first narrow search is on

mathematical and theoretical aspects of random (geometric) graphs and

networks. The ideal candidate will have outstanding background in

mathematics (in areas such as probability, graph theory, geometry,

topology) and/or theoretical physics, solid programming skills, as well

as convincing previous research record in random graphs or network

science. Experience or willingness to work with real-world network data

is a plus. Recent Ph.D. in applied mathematics or theoretical physics is

required. The second broad search is on all aspects of network science.

The successful candidate will have a combination of strong skills in one

or more of the following: network theory, algorithms, computations,

modeling and mining big data. S/he will perform interdisciplinary

research at the intersection of statistical physics, network science,

and data mining. Recent Ph.D. in mathematics, physics, computer science,

engineering, or equivalent is required. Responsibilities of both

candidates will also include standard tasks such as writing scientific

papers, assisting in preparing research proposals, mentoring junior lab

members, etc.



Formal applications to the math/theory search should be submitted here:

https://neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/38355  Formal applications to

the general search should be submitted here:

https://neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/38242  Application materials for

both searches include: *cover letter *CV with the list of publications

*short descriptions of research experience and interests *names and

email addresses of at least two references


Location: Boston, MA

Listed by: Dmitri Krioukov




[1] http://www.northeastern.edu/dima/ [1]

[2] https://neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/38355 [2]

[3] https://neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/38242 [3]